Sunday, January 20, 2013

PoP Goes The Darkroom Collaborative Exhibit Opening Nite Recap And Press

The closing reception will be Saturday January 26th from 4-8 P.M @831 South Front Street with music from Dr. Chris Bingman...
 Exhibit is up till February 1st so stop by...
For More Information on the PoP Goes The Darkroom exhibit go to!/events/171362986321143/permalink/178314618959313/?notif_t=like
The Exhibition lettering with some special stencil art on sticker vinyl 
For the Columbus ALIVE article on the Collaborative Exhibit go to
Shot inside 400 West Rich Street

W.E Arnold even got his 614 influence on (Below)
Opening nite was amazing with a great turn out of family, friends & fans.
If you're unfamiliar with our collaborative process check out this past blog post
 W.E Arnold & I hung the show on Thursday the 3rd. The lettering in particular took forever to place properly, but we felt was worth it in the end...
 I really like the layout of 831 Gallery inside of Clayspace. There are many different architectural elements to work with & my favorite of course is the brick work, but the white hanging walls are also a joy to layout.
 Including a fun li'l brick column. It's just a ball to prepare a show here.
With close to 100 pieces of art including 20 collaborative efforts between W.E Arnold & Joss Parker
 Even a collage co-lab usuing one of W.E's Columbus building shots
Lighting is always tricky, but Todd from Clayspace helped out & it looks great
A li'l virtual exhibit tour. For a second tour check out this video by one of parker pop shops favorite & biggest fans Ray T. Vinyl on youtube at
 Lots of affordable art to be had
For more on W.E Arnold & his work go to
 The Bob Ross Community canvas & two W.E Arnold dark room prints
They even made us a Birthday cake as both W.E & I had our Birthdays just before the opening reception. Oddly enough W.E's is Christmas & mine is New Years Day so...Thank you to everyone who sang along as well!!!
Thank you to everyone who came out & we hope to see even more of you at the closing reception January 26th
Try & get some better photos next time of our favorite people
For more on the parker pop shop check out our website at
Special thanx to Tami & Todd of Clayspace, 614 magazine, Columbus Alive & Jackie Mantey, Greg Hale, Ray T. Vinyl & everyone who stopped by.
The Closing reception is Saturday January, 26th from 4-8 P.M with food,drinks, lots of affordable art & music by Dr. Chris Bingman.
See ya then

Monday, December 31, 2012

Joss Parker on ArtNet...

We're very pleased to announce that two artworks from the parker pop shop are  currently up for bid at auction with artnet... First: Breaking Kool-Aid (large) 34"x34" spray paint on canvas...

Exemplifying his characteristic use of appropriated Pop imagery, this painting by artist Joss Parker titled 'Breaking Kool-Aid' depicts the iconic Kool-Aid Man in a re-imagined light. Instead of breaking through a wall with his "Oh Yeah!" catchphrase, here the Kool-Aid Man is in fact the one being shattered apart, with bright red juice shown dripping from the cracks. This work was executed using hand-cut stencils and aerosol spray paint on canvas...

Second: One of our favorites, Al-Qaeda Camo (Purple Hues) 38x26 in. spray paint on canvas...

Executed using hand-cut stencils and spray paint on canvas, this 2012 work from Joss Parker titled 'Al-Qaeda' combines his street art perspective with contemporary Pop imagery. Contrasting the serious against the playful, Parker transposes a graphic image of a masked Al-Qaeda man brandishing an assault rifle, against a bright array of pink and purple camouflage....

The auction runs thru the New Year.
A Thank You to Jud & Michael Blaine, Gracie Mansion, every one in the URBAN art department at ARTNET &  my fans.
Thank You...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PoP Goes The Darkroom Collaborative Exhibition...

The PoP Goes The Darkroom Collaborative Exhibition will be hosted by Clayspace/831 Gallery on 831 South Front Street Columbus, Ohio. Opening reception is January 4th 6-9 P.M with music from Greg Hale...

.....From the darkroom to the spotlight, the improbable collaborative artwork of W.E. Arnold and Joss Parker is a paradoxical love affair between two entirely different worlds, and the viewer is privileged to balance on the thread between them. W.E. Arnold brings to the table the anti-tourist realism of abstract street art—from the streets of Columbus, Ohio to Shanghai, China. Arnold aggressively hunts for the authentic reality of his environment instea
d of trying to construct it, and brings us his photographic evidence of what he unearths. His commitment to the aesthetics of traditional film and darkroom purity gives us a rich tapestry of gritty back alleys, luminous skylines, and urban realism.

Joss Parker is, in many ways, a patchwork of many different places and times, much like Pop art itself. Joss explores some of the world's iconic images with a glibness only found in Pop, and when utilizing the photography of W.E. Arnold to frame his paintings, the contrast only heightens the artistic effect of each. This exhibition is the next stage in the evolution of these dynamic artists. This union of a multiplicity of seemingly contradictory worlds that inhabit the same space touches something uniquely contemporary, which is perhaps why it works so damn well.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

400 West Rich's Winter Farmers Market part II....

Currently blogging while vending at the 400 West Rich Winter Farmers Market. This is the first one (technically the one on the 24th of October was a soft run)... The Studio was honored to participate in the "soft run" & is very much looking forward to this second installment at 400 West Rich...

Set up started at 10 A.M... This after pulling an all nighter working on co-labs with photographer & good friend W.E. Arnold for the January 2 man co-lab show at Clayspace/831 gallery, so needless to say exhaustion is kicking in...But this is sucha great event it's worth the sleep deprivation. 25 vendors are participating in todays event as well as Aerial dancing from Mickey Thomas & Dinin' Hall is open providing the very best in local food trucks, we also have Scott Yonker screen printing tee's...

One of the main reasons we do what we do at Parker POP Shop is to reach a younger audience and that includes children. A mother and her two daughters just purchased 2 Andy Bananas as their first paintings. If I had to guess I'd say they were 6 & 5 years old or so. The youngest held it close like it was a stuffed animal or something, so again it was a special moment & why we have various price points as well as bright POP'n colors...
               Fellow 400 artist Jane Landwehr with her new buy 1 get 1 free bananas.
This runs until 2 P.M& so far it's been a great crowd, the market is also running in conjunction with the Cheesy Trucks Columbus best grilled cheese contest. That event is running in the Gallery at 400 West Rich, while the market goes down in the big bay area.So with a half hour to go we're signing off from the 400 West Rich Farmers Market, till next time kids.....

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life at 400 West Rich

Parker POP Shop moved to new digs in 400 West Rich Street mid November & it's now time for a quick rundown vis-a-vis links as well as pics...
The Mosaic H.S stopping in to the studio at 400 for a Q&A session...
The studio space before construction
Kool-Aid assembly line January in the studio
A Friday night in February workin' on vinyl records...
March brought us paint splattered chucks & it started to feel like a shoe store...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Americana Joss Parker Opening at Gallery 831

Joss Parker Solo exhibition closing Friday July 29th 6-9 @ Gallery 831 Article from Melissa Starker of the Columbus Dispatch for the exhibition Preview from Heather Gross Of the Columbus Alive (Below)
Karate Chop Arlo Moon made a stop in gallery 831 along with fellow artist Pam Ashton & husband Mike
Private Collector Ray T. Vinyls gettin' his Joss Parker collection on

A whole mess of portraits (mostly Marilyns) & a happy balloon

Neon Marilyn Triptcyh, Sylvester Suicide, Steve McQueen,Bogey & Casper

Kool-Aid's, Garbage Pail Kids, Records Bulls eye Homer & Satan Reagans...

man on the moon series along with co-labs with photographer W.E.Arnold.
visit @ for more of Arnold's work.

A thank you to everyone who came out to the opening, to curator Juan Carrera & owner Tami Knight, my collaborator W.E. Arnold, Melissa Starker of the Columbus Dispatch & Heather Gross of the Columbus Alive as well as Private Collector Raymond T Vinyls for the acquisitions & the Video which you can see here >>>>
@ & of course my wife for the catering.

Hope to see you at the closing...

visit Clayspace/gallery 831 @